When employment and career are not the central focus of your concerns or desire for change, you may find it even harder to identify the cause or causes of your personal frustration and/or nagging dissatisfaction.

After all, it’s often clear when a job has become a negative situation or you no longer find your career choice to be fulfilling. On the other hand, there are a number of  non-work related situations in life where many people experience at least a temporary loss of purpose or longer-term sense of dislocation.  The primary situations of this sort where many individuals find they can benefit from working with a coach are the following:

Retirement: That "Blessed" Event

You’ve worked all those years, achieved some or most of what you had hoped for in your career and now have a newfound freedom of time and energy commitment. But for many retirees, the question quickly becomes  ‘freedom for what?”  Yes, you may be one of the lucky folks who loves to play golf and finds your move to a golf resort ideal.  However, it’s not that unusual for many retirees to find that what they thought they wanted to do in retirement is not all that satisfying.

Coaching in this area involves helping you surface the interests, abilities and even values that may have gotten buried in your work-a-day life.  It includes paying attention to and, when needed, assessing the core personality traits that relate to your motivation and satisfaction.



Home-Centered Working and/or Living

In today’s work marketplace, there are many reasons individuals find themselves in what I refer to as home-centered living. You may be working remotely for a giant tech company where you fly to the opposite coast when needed or be a federal employee or contractor who telecommutes four of five days. You may have had a child and decided to give up paid employment at least for a while, if not forever. You may be a novice or a well-established consultant or contractor.

In all these situations, you may be operating primarily from your home base. While this may be an entirely natural transition for some, it is quite challenging for others. And, this is where a coach can provide assistance. There is both the task of creating an environment and habits to establish yourself as a functioning professional when you have a home office as well as the need for someone without work functions to create a home situation and lifestyle that they find fulfilling.


Relocations and Related

Living in a very mobile society, we easily forget how much moving and changing our locales – across town, the country or even between countries – can disorient us.  Sometimes this ‘moving discomfort’ primarily involves acquainting ourselves with the local scene and making new connections. At other times, there are more serious disturbances in the enjoyment of our lives created by major relocations.

Coaching clients new to an area or disoriented by having moved away from a favorite location may involve any number of avenues. You may have a specific issue such as finding new friends and a sense of community or you may feel that the new location is less than ideal for your career goals and that you made a mistake in moving. In either case and many others, coaching usually involves taking what presents as a vague feeling or reaction to a more concrete understanding so that an actionable plan can be developed.

Coaching Philosophy and Services

My services addressing change begin with a focus on your best definition of what the problem is or of the challenge you’re finding in adjusting to a specific change whether self-initiated or not.  We then work together to come to a deeper understanding of what you’re experiencing and then look at different ways to address that and improve the current situation for you.

Most of my work here is done in individual coaching sessions though I periodically offer both workshops and webinars on various subjects in this category.

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