WORK is the focus of the services I provide in this area of coaching, and I view work in the broader context of the total person. First, most of us need to have gainful  employment whether self-employed, contracting or working for an organization. Next, we want work-life balance to not only survive but also have a chance to thrive. In addition, skill sets grow and our interests and values change as we gain experience over the years.  All these factors must be considered in any equation for job satisfaction.

For Individuals

Whether you desire to advance within your current employment, are stymied as to why you’re so unhappy at work or have begun to think that you’re completely in the wrong career field, I will work with you to systematically explore the situation you’re in, identify the challenges involved, and help you create a plan to effect change.

In the initial client meeting, I work with you to identify which of the several specific services listed to the right, you believe you will need to move your particular situation forward. I do not offer just resume rewrites or practice interview sessions but do attempt to serve clients where they identify their greatest needs and with an eye to time and cost considerations. 

For Organizations & Groups

I provide workshops and group sessions in the career-related topics listed to the right that are marked with an asterisk as well as more general topics such as “Maintaining Career Fitness” and “Cutting Edge Networking."

  • ASSESSMENT for Self Understanding

    • Excavating Who You Are Today through Stories from Your Past
    • Myers-Briggs, DISC, Holland’s SDS and Other Instruments*
    • Clarification of Motivated Skills, Values & Interests
    • 21st c. Information Networking to Explore Options
  • TOOLS for Career Development & Job Search

    • Resume, CV and/or Bio Development*
    • Inquiry, Cover & Thank You Letters
    • LinkedIn Profiles & Best Uses of Social Media
    • Efficient Internet Job Searching*
  • MARKETING Your Professional Objective

    • Delivering “Professional Objective” & “Self Description” Statements
    • Penetrating the Hidden Job Market
    • Identifying & Utilizing One’s Natural Network (The Right Way)
    • Developing a Marketing Plan*
    • Face-to-Face Effectiveness — Interviewing (Video Practice Sessions Available)*
  • LONG-TERM PLANNING for Career Success

    • Positioning Yourself for Success at the New Job — Landing Well
    • Five-to-ten Year Goal Setting
    • Networking for Life*
    • Lifetime Tactics for Career Building

Coaching Philosophy & Services

Part of my coaching approach stresses the importance of forward momentum and not getting stuck in any one phase of career transition, for example, working on your resume forever but avoiding using it. I do recognize that job search and career change are very hard work, often not so much physically as psychologically and emotionally. As a coach and not a counselor, once you are clear on your objective, I promote action and results as a proven antidote to the stress and tension of change.

My preference is to work with you on a regular basis through the services you need to identify and devise your plan for professional change, and at that point, you determine what degree of coach-client contact will best serve your forward progress.

“Shela has a wealth of resources and assessments to help you with your job search whether it is finding the right next step or thinking more holistically about your career. She understands how important it is to find the right fit.”

– N.R., Foundation Program Officer

“Her expertise enhanced my resume and overall marketing, including effective use of social media tools. One of the most valuable contributions she made was helping me navigate the challenges of a transition from consulting back to employment. ”

– M.F., Director at Major Health Association

“Shela taught me to OWN my work and academic experiences rather than just list them on a piece of paper. A fantastic motivator and dedicated career coach. I would highly recommend Shela to anyone seeking career guidance"

– J. P., Executive Assistant to CEO of Nonprofit

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